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Groundbreaking PR service for the

world’s most ambitious people and organisations.


"Clever ... strategic ... great ability to condense ideas into clear and succinct messages which will resonate with target audience"


"First class strategic counsel and a pleasure to work with"


"Uncanny ability to know how to say what I am thinking, and an excellent sense of where the story is heading and how to give my campaigns traction."

The health crisis has changed the way brands operate and communicate with their audiences around the globe.

THE SW1 GROUP is a PR service that helps the world's most ambitious people and organisations to navigate the rocky public relations landscape, transforming and protecting brands and reputations in a fast-paced world

where one small communications misstep can go viral in an instant.

Please enjoy our website and get in touch so that we can discuss welcoming you to the SW1 family.

"Adept at dealing with big and 
difficult personalities"
"Some of the most creative
campaigners and media ops people"
"One of the best communications
operations in Westminster"
"All aspects of my media get dealt with efficiently and effectively"
"Put on a big event for tens of thousands watched by millions"
"Allow me to focus on the
important work I need to be doing"

At SW1 we have just one underlying objective: change. Transformational change to your narrative, influence, notoriety, impact and the way you are seen by audiences across the globe;

whether through groundbreaking publicity campaigns, global live broadcast events or crisis communications handling.


Login to our unique membership platform to monitor our consistent, strategic results and laser-like focus on outcomes in real-time. 


We are on-call at all times to handle tasks, leap on opportunities and take the weight off your mind entirely.


We work seamlessly across all platforms, ensuring you achieve transformational and consistent results. 


We partner with the most ambitious and kind-hearted people, delivering an exceptional and personal service.


SW1 acts as a safety net for its members 24/7, minimising their exposure at critical moments and helping them to anticipate and react to emerging risks and opportunities.


SW1 produces, manages and advises on all aspects of its members’ digital brands, growing their influence with bespoke creative content, advertising, music, podcasting and much more.


SW1 runs proactive, high-impact PR campaigns for members, delivered through an extensive network of top-tier publications, broadcasters and digital platforms across the world.


SW1 is ready at all times to handle every aspect of your public relations   – however small the task  shaping your narrative and dealing with enquiries from the press.


SW1 directs large-scale events – virtual and actual – for live broadcast around the world, managing promotions, accreditation, guest lists, live-streaming, security, branding and talent.

Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon KCB

Businessman & Former UK Defence Secretary

Hardworking, reliable ... gives good advice.


Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Leader of the House of Commons

A constant source of help and good advice...


Rt Hon Esther McVey MP

Former UK Secretary of State

Instrumental to so many of my campaigns. Brilliant news sense, consummate professionals who are fun and easy to work with and know how to run a campaign that really shifts the dial. 

Our integrated service combines publicity campaigns in top-tier publications and targeted digital marketing strategies with branding, video and podcast production, partnership development, live broadcast events and much more.

Become a member to receive a personal 24/7 service with real-time accountability, an integrated PR experience and unrivalled partnership opportunities.

John Stevens

Deputy Political Editor, Daily Mail

One of the best communication professionals in Westminster ... understands what journalists need to make a story work and can always be relied upon to deliver.


Tim Shipman

Political Editor, Sunday Times

Highly skilled political adviser and media relations operator ... expert at finding the sweet spot where what a client needs meets what a journalist wants ... bags of experience boiling down difficult issues into something understandable and memorable ... also adept at dealing with big and difficult personalities in both politics and the media.

Natasha Clark

Digital Political Editor, The Sun

Easy to work with, understands what's of interest to my readers and well-connected around Westminster.


& receive a personal 24/7 service with real-time accountability, an integrated PR experience and unrivalled partnership opportunities.

We'll be in touch!

Steve Baker MP

Former UK Government Minister

One of those great heroes behind the scenes who’s helped me with so much over the last 18 months ... the sort ... you need on your side for any political campaign worth fighting.

Andrea Jenkyns MP

Parliamentary Private Secretary

Whenever I come up with an idea for a story or a campaign ... tells me how it needs to be couched so that it fits with what's going on, ensuring it gets maximum coverage ... works hard, writes beautifully (and quickly!) ... a friend in Westminster I can always rely on.

Eddie Hughes MP

MHCLG Minister

[Where I go] when I need to kickstart a campaign, get an article published or understand how to focus what I’m doing in order to make it interesting and newsworthy to the press.

Dame Eleanor Laing MP

Deputy Speaker, Chair of Ways & Means

Gives great advice, delivers results every time and is a pleasure to work with.

Rt Hon David Jones MP

Former Government Minister

Hugely confident media professional ... deals swiftly with commissions ... thoroughly reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending.

Ben Bradley MP

Further Education Ambassador

Great advisers, ensure that my articles achieve what they set out to and ... able to deliver big media hits for the campaigns I’ve been involved with.

John Penrose MP

Former Government Minister

Knows how to push an idea or a campaign harder and further than other people realise is possible, so I get more impact each time. 

Political Editor

One of the most creative campaigners and media ops people I have worked with.  If you need an interesting angle on a story or a different perspective on an ongoing issue ... friendly attitude make it a pleasure to work with.

CEO of major organisation

Put on a substantial event for tens of thousands watched by millions around the globe, with split-second precision timing. Handled superbly every aspect from broadcast, media, production of live music, lighting, security, VIPs, the lot...

Still not sure how they pulled it off!

UK Cabinet Minister

All aspects of my media handling get dealt with efficiently, creatively and effectively, meaning that I can focus - even during a PR crisis - on the important work I need to be doing.

Former Conservative Party Leader

Professional, strategic and positive approach that always achieves excellent results.