More than just a personal PR service, the mission of our devoted team of professionals is to enhance our members' day-to-day lives and fulfil their biggest dreams. Through bespoke branding and media services, our team take care of every aspect of our members' public relations to take them to the next level.

Here are some of the reasons the world’s most ambitious people and organisations are joining us:

Unrivalled partnerships.

Our family is diverse and we bring the world’s most ambitious, driven and creative people together.  Through our work with public figures, startups, multinationals, entertainment artists and many more, we can foster valuable and inspiring new partnerships that have transformative impacts on our members’ brands and profiles. 


Our members enjoy exclusive access to all SW1 events worldwide, with opportunities for networking, investments and partnerships.

track record.

Our group has been at the heart of the most transformational campaigns in the UK of the last few years, including Boris Johnson’s journey to becoming Prime Minister and the 2019 General Election. 

We work
with the best.

We work with the country’s top political figures, CEOs, TV personalities, multinational organisations, entertainment artists, start-ups, sports figures, philanthropists and advocacy groups, devising all aspects of their branding, campaigns and communications.  

Transformational results.

Our publicity campaigns and live broadcast events dominate news agendas and build movements of people around the world. We’ve handled hundreds of high-profile media stories and appearances across top-tier publications, TV and radio stations, transforming our members’ narratives, influence, notoriety and the way they are seen by audiences across the globe.

Focus & accountability.

Members can track the progress of their projects at any time using our unique new membership platform.  We work with our members to set clear performance indicators and objectives, deliver targeted, consistent and strategic results and have a laser-like focus on outcomes.


We work seamlessly across all platforms, ensuring you achieve transformational results in top-tier publications, win the air war, achieve brand cut-through and consistency on social media, run targeted digital marketing strategies, produce world class videos and podcasts, develop successful partnerships, host live broadcast events and much more.  


The media doesn’t stop. And when there is a lull, that is often a prime opportunity to change the narrative.  So we stay on-call 24/7, every day of the year, to take the weight off our members’ minds entirely, allowing them to focus on their craft.  Whatever day it is, whatever time of the day or night, our members’ personal communications agent will be ready to help with all aspects of your PR – however small the task. 

SW1 iS
one family.

We select our members very carefully, making them much more than clients to us.  We choose to partner only with the world’s most dedicated, driven, ambitious and genuinely kind-hearted people, always going the extra mile.  We bring a business-partner like passion and commitment to our members’ enterprises and a family-like devotion to their interests. 

& insight.

In a complex world of competing agendas and disruptive trends, we help members understand, anticipate and react to emerging communications risks and opportunities. Leveraging our extensive network of contacts in Westminster and the media, we provide members with valuable strategic counsel to help inform their decision-making.


Sir Rocco Forte

Chairman, Rocco Forte Hotels

Clever ... strategic ... great ability to condense ideas into clear and succinct messages which will resonate with target audience...easy to work with.

Rt Hon Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

UK International Development Secretary

Uncanny ability to know how to say what I am thinking, and an excellent sense of where the story is heading and how to give my campaigns traction.


Tim Shipman

Political Editor, Sunday Times

Highly skilled political adviser and media relations operator ... expert at finding the sweet spot where what a client needs meets what a journalist wants ... bags of experience boiling down difficult issues into something understandable and memorable ... also adept at dealing with big and difficult personalities in both politics and the media.

Rt Hon Priti Patel MP

UK Home Secretary

First class strategic counsel and a pleasure to work with.