Whether through groundbreaking publicity campaigns, global live broadcast events or crisis communications handling, at SW1 we have just one underlying objective: change. Transformational change to your narrative, influence, notoriety, impact and the way you are seen by audiences across the globe.

Our team, led by Ed Barker and Dan O'Neill, has been at the heart of campaigns that have shaped the UK over the last few years, including Boris Johnson’s journey to becoming Prime Minister and the 2019 General Election. 

Working directly alongside top political figures, CEOs, TV personalities, multinational organisations, entertainment artists, start-ups, sports figures, philanthropists and advocacy groups, our team has devised all aspects of their branding, campaigns and communications, making transformational change happen.  And now we can offer that service to you.

We offer our members an integrated communications approach, combining publicity campaigns in top-tier publications and targeted digital marketing strategies with branding, video and podcast production, partnership development, live broadcast events and much more.  

Because the media never stops, we take the weight off our members’ minds entirely, not just from 9-5.  Whatever day it is, whatever time of the day or night, your personal communications agent will be on call to help you with all aspects of your external communications – however small the task – so that you can focus your mind on your craft. 

And you will be able to see your projects unfolding in front of you at any time of the day with access to your own membership platform, ensuring you receive exceptional value and that we are measuring up and delivering targeted, consistent and strategic results to match your objectives.

But most importantly, SW1 is a family.  We select our members very carefully, choosing only to partner with the world’s most dedicated and genuinely kind-hearted people.  You won’t be our client – you’ll become a member.

A member for whom we will always go the extra mile, bringing a business-partner like passion and commitment to your enterprises and a family-like devotion to your interests. 

Through our work with public figures, startups, multinationals, entertainment artists and many more, SW1 brings the world’s most ambitious, driven and creative people together, enabling us to foster inspiring and unrivalled new partnerships that have transformative impacts on our members’ campaigns. 

In a fast-paced world of competing agendas and disruptive trends, where one small communications error can be heard by billions of people in an instant, SW1 will deliver communication strategies that give you the confidence to lead and which earn the lasting trust of your stakeholders, customers and followers, taking your brand to the next level.

You won’t be our client.

you’ll become a cherished FAMILY member.